Discover Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies while avoiding beginner’s mistakes: trade with us on our Discord!

Beyond the editorial staff, the community – Le Journal du Coin, it’s not just a media and the team that works hard in the back of the store to keep it alive. As you know, it’s also an increasingly dynamic and followed YouTube channel (and we thank you for that), thanks to the intrepid Sami … but also its branch of Trading du Coin, and the new Savings service of Corner. But as you may have noticed, we don’t intend to stop there… and our new Bitcoin Machine is already evolving!

Come on, we’re fine

We told you about it last week: our official Journal du Coin Discord channel has landed, and we’re very happy to see more and more of you there… with over 3000 members already joining us!

Click here to join us on the JDC Discord! “

In addition to discovering, in preview, some announcements of the actors of the JdC, you will be able to come to discuss between readers of your preferred information site. Do you want to discuss with you or with us, to apostrophize us on an article that has just come out, to submit your questions for the new Lives du Coin masterfully led by Sami ? All of this, and more, is possible!

And if many discussion channels already exist, others are in preparation, in particular thanks to a team of early crypto-fans who are participating with us in the co-construction of this space. Want to help us and mold it according to your ideas ? It is also possible, since we hope to see you participate , to make the community surrounding the Journal du Coin ever more alive .

Friendly moderators, who are waiting for you

And to talk about this community that federates and exchanges continuously, who better than one of the most active moderators of Discord ? Let me introduce you to the brave Julian ! He heard about Bitcoin “without being interested in it at all at all” , this multi-hatted entrepreneur quickly plunged into it again in 2017 , when the famous bubble was starting to swell (does that remind you of something? you are not alone !). This “big gamer” fan of LoL , Fortnite or even GTA RPhas been dragging its gaiters through the Discord channels of the cryptosphere ever since, taking an interest sometimes in projects and their teams , sometimes in cryptocurrencies in particular, but “not in trading, a strange world not really made for me” .

At the beginning, Julian “crossed the road of a Ponzi ” , an error unfortunately too common in the cryptosphere… but that will not have discouraged him , since since he seeks on his scale to prevent newcomers from doing the same again !

What is Julian doing now? Well, mainly position yourself as an “end user” , testing the products that speak to them the most, like or Sorare .

“Right now, there are a lot of newcomers, so I hope that we can do a lot of the educational work on Discord, more easily, precisely on the right reflexes to have when we arrive in this crazy world of cryptocurrencies. Between the fundamentals of the JDC, the basics of trading with Coin Trading, or even facilitating investment via Coin Savings. The fact of moving forward on all these projects, together, it’s very nice, and it promises for the future! ”

To join us on Discord , it’s easy, click on the following invitation link:

Click here to join us on the JDC Discord! „